WRGPT Table a59 History

Current Hand History - times are approximate

10/25/18 15:55 ! Player leaving table: Swamper bfj
12/31/69 16:00 

Table Broken
Table Broken

Previous Hands
Hand over, current board is:  2s 8c 2c Qd 6d
Swamper bfj              has: 2h Ad
rcheney                  has: 10s 10d
Pot 1: uncalled $2050 returned to Swamper bfj
Pot 2: Swamper bfj wins $104600 with Three of a Kind (2 2 2 A Q)
rcheney is eliminated!
Table waiting for live reshuffle
Hand over, current board is:  Js Jh 3s 10h 3d
Frank Russomanno         has: Qs Ah
Polar85                  has: Ks Kh
Polar85 wins $95825 (net $48025) with Two Pair (K K J J 10)
Antes and blinds go up
Frank Russomanno is eliminated!
Hand over, no showdown
Current board is:  9s 4h 6d ? ?
Jim Anderson wins $13350 (net $6825)